Saturday, June 19, 2004

Yknow here on Fafblog we talk about a lot of serious important political matters such as the space program an the Pope an the war an Glofish but what of the mind? What about the life of the mind? We do not want our readers to think we are light-thinkin loafers just sittin around all day talkin about fish and pies all day. We also have Serious Philosophical Discussions.

And so here today will be the first of a series of Serious Philosophical Discussions on Fafblog in dialogue form similar to the dialogues of Socrates and Berkeley.

FAFNIR: Why hello Giblets! I see that you are eatin a sandwich.
GIBLETS: Yep. It's a pretty tasty sandwich.
FAF.: But did you ever pause to consider Giblets what happens when you bite into that sandwich?
GIBS.: Um. I eat a piece of sandwich?
FAF.: The sandwich experiences pain of course, but how exactly does it experience pain? We consider pain to exist in the sandwich's "mind" but it is a mental reaction to somethin physical.
GIBS.: It's just a sandwich.
FAF.: Let us say that the samwich is in physical state S, for sandwich, when you bite into it. But at the same time it would also be in mental state... um... S, for spooky sandwich mental state.
GIBS.: It's ham and cheese on potato bread. With honey mustard.
FAF.: But can't we imagine the sandwich in mental state S without bein in physical state S?
GIBS.: I'm in mental state P, for gettin pissed off with you pokin at my sandwich.
FAF.: Allow me to demonstrate further. If we remove the sandiwch's brain, or ham, and place it in another sandwich like so, is it now a different sandwich with different thoughts an mental states?
GIBS.: Hey! That is Giblets's sandwich! It belongs to Giblets and is the sole domain of Giblets!
FAF.: Ow! Quit it! This is the pursuit of knowledge here Giblets!
GIBS.: You quit it!
FAF.: You quit it!
GIBS.: AAA! Put that down!


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