Saturday, March 6, 2004

Well Fafblog's travels around the world are nearly over. We have gone to lots of places (like here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here) and we have seen exciting and amazing things, like blimps and eskimos! But now our time is almost done.

In the future stuff looks a lot like the present only older and with more junk. But it is futuristic junk! I am bein shown around by Future Fafnir who looks just like Regular Fafnir (which is me! a shout out to me! hi, me) only he has a space helmet. "Because of the rays," he says. "Oooo," I says. "And because it's the future!" he says. "Hooray!" I says.

"Will we have more stuff in the future?" I says.
"We will have new stuff, but we'll lose some old stuff," he says. "Like we will have more furniture and cars! But we will lose some animals, like frogs and giraffes."
"Oh no!" I says. "Not giraffes!"
"Probly under the furniture," he says.
"What is the future made of," I says. "I have heard the future is our children."
"The future is not really children," he says. "But it is big machines that are programmed to simulate children!"
"Wow!" I says. "Science and technology!"
"And we make toast faster than anyone!" he says, giving me a delicious piece of hot toast.
"Who is in charge of the future?" I says.
"I dunno," he says. "There is lots of news on television, but all the news is about other news, so nobody knows what's goin on."
"What about the economy," I says. "What are the exports of the future? What are the imports."
"We import everything!" he says. "And we export chunky pieces a plastic, like this one on the ground here."
"What about arts and culture?" I says.
"They are very fast," he says. "Everything is fast in the future! TV shows are over in fifteen minutes. CDs are thirty seconds long. We have to be done with them real quick so we can get back to work and get done with work so we can get back to relaxing, fast!"
"Relax!" says Future Giblets runnin up to me. "Relax noooooooow!"
"Wow, you're just like regular Giblets, but angrier and bossier!" says me.
"Now work for Future Giblets," says Future Giblets. "Make textiles."
"How are diplomatic relations between our people in the present and your people in the future?" I says.
"We are angry at the present!" says Future Giblets. "Sooo angry."
"But we miss the present too and would like to move there," says Future Fafnir. "It has nicer parks and beaches."
"You are all so interesting I wish I could stay forever!" I says. "But I have to go back home. I left pretzels cooking!"
"Oh! You don't want your pretzels burned when you get to the future," says Future Fafnir.
"Be better when you go back to the present!" says Future Giblets. "Do not lose your giraffes!"
"Don't worry I won't!" I says. This is my promise to the future. I will not lose my giraffes, and I will not burn my pretzels.
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