Saturday, November 5, 2005

"All right!" says England. "What're you two doin there with that gunpowder!"
"Why sir I am offended by your implication," says me. "We were just collectin gunpowder for charity."
"Yes very true," says Giblets. "Millions of children go without gunpowder to eat every day."
"Well that sounds reasonable," says England. "But what's with stickin it under Parliament!"
"Well Parliament has so much gunpowder to give," says me.
"Yes, especially with all the gunpowder we stuck under it," says Giblets.
"Everything seems to check out then," says England. "I'll just need your names and occupations for my report."
"My name is Plausible Alias an this is my good friend Bomby McTreason," says me.
"And we are violent regicidal conspirators," says Giblets. "No wait! I mean cookie merchants."
"Everything checks out then," says England. "Carry on folks!"
"Oh no!" says Parliament.

"And that's how a bill becomes a law," says me.
"Giblets is confused," says Giblets.


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