Saturday, July 2, 2005

Man it's a slow news day.

UPDATE! This just in! According to Editor and Publisher, the McLaughlin Group is still on the air!

"Giblets does not believe it," says Giblets.
"No it's true," says me. "I think it's on PBS."
"PBS! Pa-heh!" says Giblets. "Nobody counts PBS!"
"Maybe it's a reunion tour," says me.
"The fat guy was the heart and soul of that show," says Giblets. "It could never be the same without the fat guy."
"That's not fair Giblets," says me. "Mort Kondracke put in some highly competant bass work to say nothing of Eleanor Clift's scorching drum solos."
"All of them hacks!" says Giblets. "The McLaughlin Group used to be about fire and love and rebellion! Now they're just sellin out to the man."
"I think we expect too much of our heroes," says me. "All that belonged to a different age."
"Before they found Charlie Rose OD'd in a hotel bathtub," says Giblets.
"Peace, Charlie - wherever you are," says me.
"Who are you talking to?" says Giblets.

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