Tuesday, February 8, 2005

We get these a lot so here ya go.

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Probably not, but who knows? Maybe in the future.
4. Definitely not. Giblets would hate the cake.
5. In the original story I'm asleep in my cave an Siegfried comes runnin up with his sword an stuff goin raaar an trips an falls an totally sprains his foot an I go you need help with that? an he's all no no I got it an I go cause I could call a doctor an he's all no that's all right I'll just call my girlfriend she can pick me up an I go sure all right an then he gets hit by a bus. Also in the original insteada bein a mighty dragon I am a 1973 AMC Gremlin. Wagner touches it up a bit.
6. Yeah, but why would we need a fish tank? I don't know where people get that idea.
7. Yes, that would be awesome!
8. Three random people on the east coast an some guy in Berkeley.
9. I know they don't look like much but if you put em on backwards an read it out over an over again they transport you to a maaaaaagical wonderland! This is not true.
10. It IS happening! He has his own pilot on NBC this fall called "Gibsquad"! She's a tough-talkin no-nonsense murder cop who's seen it all. He's a tiny despot who lays claim to the universe by dint of his own glory an resplendence! They laugh, they learn.
11. We are sorry for everything.

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