Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Giblets is watching the hard-hitting pre-debate commentary of Chris Matthews' Hardball! and he is already slathering with anticipation for the main show. Will the rock-ribbed cue-balled realpolitik-esque Cheney tear the still-beating heart from the baby-faced dollchild made-of-babies John Edwards in the middle of the debates, or will he cut loose in the opening statement? Will John Edwards's star-power protect him from Cheney's oil-powered death grip, or will his mushy optimism prove no use against against the master of hard sorta-facts?

The Frankensteinian visage of Ron Reagan, Jr. disappears! The chortling starchy head of Chris Matthews fades from view! Dance on your strings, candidates! Deliver knock-out punches! Dance for us! Dance for us NOW!


posted by Giblets at 8:51 PM



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