Thursday, September 23, 2004

Well it looks like presidential pollin just got controversial again - somethin that hasn't happened since they took the Miss America crown away from John Zogby for posin nude in Hustler! A buncha polls say that the presidential race is even an a buncha polls say that George Bush is ahead by about a squillion percent. Which polls are right? Which polls are wrong? Which polls are the most fun polls ever?

The answer to all those questions is the Fafblog National Presidential Poll, the only poll the experts turn to around presidential race time! An we have finally compiled all the data an are ready to release it! Here are the results:
George Bush: 25%
John Kerry: 0%
Giblets: 50%
Undecided: 25%

(sample size: 4. margin of error: 0%.)
Wow! those are some astonishin results! Let's take a closer look at the data.

As we can clearly see Giblets has a commandin lead in the race more than double his nearest challengers. This is due to Giblets's excellent performance with the key swing vote of crazy ol guy on the street corner who appeared to respond well to Giblets's "Vote For Giblets And Get This Can A Soup" initiative.

At this point if the race were held today Giblets would clearly be the winner. But don't count the others out just yet! George Bush has been runnin a "Giblets-lite" style campaign so far an may just turn out to be a spoiler in November, pullin off enough Giblets votes to throw the race to Undecided who is still very much in the race.

Sadly John Kerry is not even registerin in our polls. The Kerry campaign would not comment on whether they were gonna drop out of the race but this could be because we couldn't find their number in the phone book.

(Chris was all "blah blah you didn't count my vote blah" but Chris we were only countin likely voters an you are only a registered voter. I am sorry but that is the way it goes.)
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