Friday, August 13, 2004

FIW2 continues with our interview of John Kerry! It is really amazin that we keep gettin these interviews I am not sure how we do it!

FAFBLOG: Now John Kerry a lot of undecided voters are tryin to figure out what the difference is between a Kerry Administration an a Bush Administration when it comes to foreign policy. If two years ago you knew about the no-WMD and the no-al Qaeda connections would you still wanna go to war?
JOHN KERRY: Absolutely possibly, Fafnir. First of all, I believe it was the right authority for a president to have. The authority to invade another nation unprovoked is a useful authority for a president to have.
FB: Gee that is kinda useful! Kinda like a can opener or a thing a dental floss!
JK: Exactly! It's good to have around the home. Let's say I was president, and I suddenly found myself needing to preventively invade the Republic of Palau, but gosh darn it, the Congressional authority to do so just wasn't there!
FB: Oh no! What would you do John Kerry?
JK: Well, sir, I'd have to go all the way to Congress and get a declaration of war! Or, more likely, another blank check to invade Palau.
FB: Damn Palauians, always messin stuff up. But do you think John Kerry that Iraq without weapons or terror connections was enough of a threat to invade?
JK: Fafnir, the question isn't whether the invasion of Iraq was a stupid and pointless squandering of American blood and treasure that's set us back in the larger war on terror. The question is whether the invasion of Iraq was a stupid and pointless squandering of American blood and treasure that's set us back in the larger war on terror that could have been conducted much better through a competent internationalized effort.
FB: Ohhhhh I get it! With French an Germans an Russians an stuff our horrible mistakes would go down much more smoothly!
JK: Exactly! And believe you me, if as president I had lead a pointless preventive invasion of a disarmed and defanged Iraq, I would have done the coalition-building and prewar-planning necessary to win the pointless preventive peace!
FB: But is this a winning political message John Kerry? People want strong leadership, an while jumpin to stupid wars is definitely strong leadership President Bush's war leadership is even stupider.
JK: Yes, but strong leadership doesn't mean a foolhardy, knee-jerk rush to war, Fafnir. Strong leadership means being easily cowed by other peoples' foolhardy, knee-jerk rush to war.
FB: Well you might have me sold on your world John Kerry. Your marvelous world where presidents make dumb decisions an follow through on them in an intelligent manner.
JK: Thank you, Fafnir. We'll be looking for your vote.


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