Saturday, May 29, 2004

AN ENORMOUS PUMPKIN is one of America’s most renowned and influential public figures. Its latest book, already a New York Times bestseller, is available everywhere.

FAFBLOG: Wow. It is an incredible pleasure to meet you, enormous pumpkin!
AN ENORMOUS PUMPKIN: Indeed it is! I am quite enormous!
FB: You certainly are! Ha ha ha!
AEP: Quite an astonishingly large member of the gourd family!
FB: Indeed! Now, enormous pumpkin, first off let me ask you the question I know everyone has been askin you.
AEP: Ho ho! Here it comes!
FB: Will you be John Kerry's vice presidential candidate if he asks you to?
AEP: Ha ha ha! Fafnir well of course I would be greatly honored to be even considered, but I can't think about those kinds of things right now, what with all my duties as an enormous pumpkin!
FB: Well yknow I had to try!
AEP: Oh, I know you did. After all, who wouldn't, seeing what an incredibly large pumpkin I am!
FB: You are incredibly large!
AEP: I weigh over 1400 pounds!
FB: That's so many pounds!
AEP: It really is!
FB: Now I understand you are deliverin an address at the World War II memorial this Monday.
AEP: That's true. It's a great honor, even for such a huge pumpkin.
FB: Can you tell us what it'll sound like?
AEP: Mostly silence, with some rooty settling noises, seeing that, as a pumpkin, I am incapable of speech.
FB: That's very appropriate and thoughtful.
AEP: I certainly thought so.
FB: I also hear you have a book comin out!
AEP: Yes! It has no title or words and the binding is pulverized after having been rolled over by my enormous bulk!
FB: You are very, very enormous!
AEP: I have a diameter in excess of twenty feet!
FB: Thank you for talking with us, enormous pumpkin.
AEP: The pleasure was all mine.

Thank you all for bein a part of Fafblog Interview Week! Our next theme week will be Hitting Giblets With A Spoon Week in which every post for a week will be a sound file of Giblets bein hit by someone with a spoon. "Ow," says Giblets.


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