Monday, May 10, 2004

Mothers Day is always confusin for us here at Fafblog. The Medium Lobster is of course a higher being who transcends origin and therefore has no mother unless you count Izzy. "But the Medium Lobster transcends Izzy," says Giblets. "Very true," says me.

Giblets an I are confused about our own roots. True we are Norwegian-Sri Lankans who live in America. But what of our mothers?

"Did we have proper mothers Giblets?" I says. "Or were we put together by big cold soulless machines?"
"I think I remember my mother putting me together using a big cold soulless machine," says Giblets.
"I remember bein told, 'Be good, children, and we'll mail you in a box to America.'" I says.
"And we were all, 'Yaaaaaaay!'" says Giblets.
"Those were good days, back in the box," I says. "Ah nostalgia."
"But what of our mothers?" says Giblets.

Yes what of our mothers? What of the mothers of Fafblog? They were good mothers. They were honest mothers. They were caring mothers. They were strange, strange mothers. We salute you, mothers. Take care.
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