Thursday, April 8, 2004

It is Maundy Thursday and I am feelin pretty maundy right now. "Maundy Thursday" is the Thursday before Easter. Easter is known to a lot of people as the day Jesus came back from the dead. Even more people ought to know that Easter is also Fafday, also known as my birthday. It is not my fault Jesus came back from the dead on my birthday. I politely asked him to wait but instead he decided to be rude inconsiderate and the redeemer of all mankind. We are still not on the best of terms over this.

"Maundy" comes from the word "mandate" and refers to the "mandate" Jesus gave to his followers to love one another. "Did he only do this once on a Thursday?" I says to Giblets. "No wonder it didn't sink in," says Giblets.

Anyway tonight I am givin everybody my new mandate: give me presents for my birthday (which is Sunday) (often confused with Easter). Last year I explained all this to everybody but I got screwed outta presents by Jesus anyway. So I am givin you one more chance world. Make it good! Lousy world forgettin my birthday.
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