Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Freedom is beginning to blow across our country friends, in great beautiful gusts. Freedom, the beautiful wind which some had wished to chain up with freedom-chains. Glofish freedom.

Last week the California Fish and Game Commission decided to reconsider its cruel inhuman and unconstitutional ban on the sale and ownership of Glofish, the one and only glowing pet fish that really glows. And they did it because of your efforts!

Commissioners voted 3-1 to seek an updated recommendation from the Department of Fish and Game on whether the fish are dangerous, and to hold public hearings before making a final decision.

Commissioner Jim Kellogg changed his mind after his wife, Lynn, "ripped me apart, because she's an aquarium fish owner and challenged me on why GloFish would be harmful to the state of California.''
The New York Times did not of course mention the immense internet pressure from Fafblog which was primarily responsible for this stunning reversal because Mainstream Media fears the power of the Netroots.

Now I will admit that I was scooped on this in our own comments section by poster Ral five days ago. But still, who but Fafblog is bringing you this with such passion? And we still need passion in this fight to win glofish freedom because the fight is not over.

The Center for Technology Assessment and Center for Food Safety sued the federal government in January, alleging the benign fluorescing gene was inserted using other genes derived from animal and human viruses and as well as antibiotic-resistant bacteria. They want government regulation on the grounds the hidden genes might pose health risks if the biotech fish are released into natural waterways and consumed by other fish that eventually are eaten by humans.
Horrible crazy people still trying to stop all free Americans from enjoying Glofish! Write your congressthings and tell them you support the Federal Fafnir's Glofish Amendment Amendment the only sure way to guarantee Glofish rights for all freedom-loving people.
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