Saturday, February 21, 2004

Well so far I have been to Canada, Israel, and Iraq. All of these were fascinating places but really none of them can compare with exotic Europe.

I am riding in the blimp of the King of Europe. By European law the King has the second biggest blimp in the whole country - only the EuroPope's is bigger because it must hold God. "Ho ho, eat more things, Fafnir," says the King of Europe. The King has so many things to eat: fish, olives, spinach, cheese, bicycles, trees, figs, telephones. Telephones are considered a delicacy in Europe.

There are over five hundred million balloons in Europe which have been tied together with string and gum to form Europe City, the capital of Europe. To live in Europe City you must weigh less than one hundred pounds or you may cause the balloon buildings to pop and other Europeans will fall down into the ocean with you. Fat Europeans live in large boats below, like Boat City, which is one of the largest cities in Europe for fat people.

Europe is big and Europey. They have made vast strides in science and technology such as the invention of atomic ham. They have been a bastion of international diplomacy as well having established a lasting peace with the eggplant. However and despite all of this the King is troubled.

"If the cloud pirates return, there will be no hope for us," he says.

And he stares off ominously into the clouds.
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