Friday, September 4, 2009

On the bright side, though, the Mayan zombie gods should wipe us all out in just a couple years.

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posted by fafnir at 8:30 PM

Gracias por su pregunta, mister. And sorry about the rude people.
Oh thank god, you're back.

I'm desperately needing a longform piece about the state of the healthcare debate from you creatures.
Note to self: melting pot meme is dead.
by Anonymous locust, at September 05, 2009 4:11 AM
I am so oppressed that everybody else isn't exactly like me! And I'm not even allowed to burn a cross on his lawn, because of the PC Klan! The fact that he was eventually able to finish his question means the terorrists have indeed done gone and winned.
@Kip W

that's not good, man...
Praise Them! Praise the living dead deities of the Maya, washed in the blood fountains of their Mixteca brethren! This is a Reconquista I can believe in.
by Anonymous Phillip Allen, at September 06, 2009 9:03 AM
You know what? I think the reaction was completely understandable.

And I say that as the son of immigrants from a Spanish-speaking country.
How can a bishop be named Emilio, anyway? Why can't he have a real American name, like Dick, or Fafnir?

BTW, is this the real Fafblog, back from snoozing in R'lyeh, or a zombie Fafblog that wants to eat my brains?
Insolent Dick Durata! Fafblog has always wanted to eat your brains.
A truly polite bishop would have asked his question in the native wingnut language--all caps, perhaps, with words misspelled for emphasis, and bits of poo flung as punctuation.
--Capt. Twelve A.M. Midnight, E.S.T., C.E.
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 06, 2009 7:04 PM
I understand that heckler man who shouted "Just give 'im the country, give it away, go ahead!" After all, this is Connecticut, where the Hispanic population really is on the verge of taking the whole place over completely.
I learned Spanish in the US, because it's a language of my country-people. I already knew French. The US has never been a single language country, and it never will be. Hell, we even tolerate right-wingers who can't speak English to save their lives, and actually remove the capacity for rational speech from their interlocutors, what with their jaw having dropped to the ground and their head exploding.

The US is multi-lingual. From negative (S. Palin) to astronomical (Chomsky).
by Anonymous CassieC, at September 07, 2009 5:42 PM
Why couldn't the Bishop speak in Moron, the native language of so many at that meeting?

It's one of our country's most important languages, and many are monolingual in it.

Meanwhile, I'd like to see these "speak English only" people try to pass an exam in written English.

Then, after they fail, we make sure they go back where their family came from.

If we don't, the terrists win.
I'd like to second the proposal by Gary Farber.
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 08, 2009 5:47 AM
Michele Bachmann for President in '12?

So, are they cheering _that_ you lose your health insurance when you lose your job?

by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 08, 2009 8:34 AM
Note to self: melting pot meme is dead.

Note to locust: It wasn't a very good meme to begin with, if you explore the original, industrial source of the analogy...

You know what? I think the reaction was completely understandable.

Maybe; but you speak English...
Maybe; but you speak English...

So does the bishop.

Gracias por su pregunta, mister. And sorry about the rude people.

Funny, when I was a kid I was taught that it was rude to speak in a language that the people around you couldn't understand.
Not to feed the self-hating second generation troll (and I speak with utter sympathy as a third+ generation half Jew who gets the self-hating stuff any time I point out Palestinians are human), but ...

English is but one of many US languages. Cherokee and Sioux and whatever are also US languages, and the oldest. So is French. So are all kinds of creoles. So is Spanish. And given the demographic mix, Americans should try to learn at least Spanish and English. I learned Spanish and tried to learn Haitian creole because the Americans in my neighborhood spoke them (and yes I was afraid they were badmouthing my mom, so I only did it out of paranoia, but still).

So shushing the Spanish-speaking guy? Just not cool. Downright unamerican, actually.

If you want to see who the booers in that crowd are aligning themselves with, check out . That's right: the Klan, which had a large New England following focused on shutting up the French-speaking Americans. Are you sure you want to be so "understanding" now?
by Anonymous CassieC, at September 08, 2009 1:28 PM
Well, proof positive that a large proportion of people in the US are unbelievably rude. Those of you who are bitching about the guy asking a question in Spanish: just because you couldn't be bothered to get a decent education is not his problem... and second languages (like math, history, literature, music, and science) are a part of any good education, because they help you think better.

Seriously, what's those people's problem? Oh wait, I know... they don't like wetbacks, but it's not okay to say so so they seize on the language the guy uses instead. Sort of like using a birth certificate as a proxy for the fact the guy's black.
by Anonymous polyorchnid octopunch, at September 08, 2009 1:59 PM
Not to feed the self-hating second generation troll...

i'll choose to take that as an attempt at humor and not as the personal attack that it seems to be.

I learned Spanish and tried to learn Haitian creole because the Americans in my neighborhood spoke them (and yes I was afraid they were badmouthing my mom, so I only did it out of paranoia, but still).

My point exactly. Your "paranoia" was perfectly understandable. And it was rude of your neighbors to put you in that position.

If you want to see who the booers in that crowd are aligning themselves with...

This isn't relevant to my point. I'm not defending their politics. What I said was that their reaction was understandable, just like your reaction to your Spanish- and Kreyol-speaking neighbors.
Flowers For Algernon is a very famous story.

But it's not rude to ask the person you're speaking to if it's okay to speak to them in the language you are most fluent in, when you know they are fluent in it.

It is, however, highly rude to yell with hostility at people.

Lots of things are understandable. Most poor choices people make are understandable. That doesn't make them excusable.
He wasn't speaking solely to the congressman. It's a town-hall meeting between an elected official and his constituents.

At the risk of being misconstrued and labelled a self-hating, second-generation religious fundamentalist troll: doesn't anyone here remember the allegorical story about the Tower of Babel?
and, yes, gary, it's a wonderful story.

still makes me a little verklempt, and i first read it more than three decades ago.
Hey, Charlie Gordon! Do you know what putz means? Not wanting to deal in a second language, and all?
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 08, 2009 5:07 PM
Hey, anonymous! Your debate technique differs from that of the audience in the video how, exactly? Name-calling and shouting, and all?






by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 08, 2009 5:33 PM
Is Ralph for real? If not, congrats on your mastery of wingnutese, complete with all caps and random meaningless asides and !!!!!!!!!!

Btw, Charlie, my rationale for learning Spanish and Haitian Creole was not paranoia. That was an attempt at a joke on my part. And my neighbors were not being rude, just speaking in the American language they chose. But your literal understanding of it speaks volumes about your views of everyone who is not you and is probably indicative of your political views concerning any kind of diversity. It's actually not all about you, you know. It's not even all about the majority. It's about everyone living their own lives in a country that calls itself a democracy.

Btw, I am also Swiss: a country smaller than NY state, with 4 national languages. At meetings, each speaks their own, slowly, you know, and the rest of us try to keep up.
by Anonymous CassieC, at September 08, 2009 6:33 PM
Cassie --

Wow. You're clearly very proud of your intuition. Never mind that you're wrong about my political beliefs on every single count.

But, hey. There's obviously little room here for difference of opinion, so i'll just go back to reading Fafnir's posts and forgo the commenting.

Echo chambers, be they on the right or the left, are tiresome.
I'd like to second Charly Gordon's proposal that he "just go back to reading Fafnir's posts and forgo the commenting."
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 08, 2009 11:55 PM
The bishop was very rude. Fifty years ago we'd of had him upside down with a fork up his ass. We are a polite nation, and so we are offended by foreign languages, smelly cheeses, the prospect of health care being available to people who live in our country and we haven't even met them, and stuff. But we all come together for pie, sweet pie, otters, or even a homely old hot baked potato with sour cream. We are basically nice, and better than everybody else. (Sorry my caps lock does not work.)
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As an american living overseas and watching these rubes acting even stoopider than I could have imagined before Obama's election, I am embarassed. Yea ! You lost your health care insurance! Die you Islamofacist Spanish speaking Bishop devil worshiper because Jebus is white.I'm suprised one of the Real Americans TM didn't just go ahead and shoot him in the head.
by Anonymous sleepyinsaudi, at September 09, 2009 7:32 AM
...And please don't ever let fafblog go on strike again. Amen
by Anonymous sleepyinsaudi, at September 09, 2009 7:35 AM
I'd like Charly Gordon to keep commenting.

After all, I think we can cope with an America where not everyone agrees all the time. We can cope by having reasonable discussions and drilling down to the underlying beliefs that drive our stances.

Charly was expressive, honest and polite while being heckled and told to shut up.

Way to go. But when someone disagrees with you and tells you not to speak, be very shocked and outraged.

Civility goes both ways.
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 09, 2009 10:51 AM
But does wit?
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 09, 2009 11:35 AM
Who are you people, and why do you read this blog?
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No, wait, that's Giblets.

Whose doings should indeed be posted more often.

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I nominate Bishop Emilio for Pope of Texas. After we sell it back to Mexico for 100 pesos and one of those really gigantic sombreros.

All in favor say si.

I suspect the Texicans won't want anyone speaking Texan there then.
by Anonymous Pancho Villa, at September 10, 2009 7:01 PM
Gary Farber, I refuse the latex. I want my Fablog raw.
by Anonymous Phillip Allen, at September 10, 2009 8:36 PM
I followed the whole thing without watching the video, keeping an open mind and giving Charly credit for good faith and all.

Then I watched the video.

Charly, if it was the Bishop who was being rude there, the Maya zombie gods can rip the living heart out of my chest right now and I'll be glad because I know where I'm going there'll be pie.
And so I sez, I sez "No really, who are you people and why are you hangin roun here speakin Nattering Nabobish an Pedantical Propensitian an High Trollisky?" Thisn here is the FAFBLOG, man! Ain't you bored already with the shabby denial of our glorious future as the most vicious third world country of the planet? Then let's party an sing. If you can't learn the language, go back home.
by Anonymous Gobi Cred, at September 11, 2009 12:25 AM
I can't read, but I can write comments.
by Anonymous CassieC, at September 11, 2009 1:29 PM
Also, if Fafnir et co leave us again, I'll jump off a tall building. Or off a sidewalk ledge. Or just wander around despondently for the rest of my miserable existence. So DON'T EVEN THINK OF IT.
by Anonymous CassieC, at September 11, 2009 1:31 PM
Gobi -- I blame Fafnir! If he & Giblets & the ML hadn't gone away for so long, our Fafinators woulndnta got all rusty.

what is it all about? giving food tips? haha.
I read this blog because it is written by highly amusing crazy people. Except I don't read this blog because the highly amusing crazy people just haven't been posting much lately. Sigh.

Yes, growing up in multilingual India, I was taught to try to use the language that the most people could understand.
by Anonymous Anonymous, at September 12, 2009 8:18 PM
All things considered, only USA people would be such rude shitheads. Good lord, it's a governmental hearing sort of thing, not a strip club.

Oh, and Fafnir? I forgot to mention that I also srsly like this blog for your political commentary. How could I have forgotten that?

Yes, amusing the crazy people is nice. An if you can't amuse 'em - get em high, that's my motto.
I blame the 24 hour reality news show channels. It's tough bein surreal when mainstream reality is bein sur warped.

Q: One a these two rude things ain't the same:
- a buncha people shoutin down anybody that's not speakin the English language.
- a buncha teabaggers, and they Foxy master, shoutin down anybody that's not parroting the corporate line.
Extra credit: How are they different?

A: If you had a fish called socialism from Nigeria like they do in Canada you would cross the road too.
by Anonymous Gobi Cred, at September 13, 2009 11:45 PM
I think those damn Mexicans are just lazy. I mean, look at 'em, they didn't even bother to make their own language. They just stole theirs from Spain. What kind of lazy fucks can't even make their own language?
Contrariwise, What about the British? Always spellin funny an mispronouncing things, then pretendin they were right. "What colour is aluminium," they say. Well I say if ya can't handle the English language, ya better go find your own then.
"Good lord, it's a governmental hearing sort of thing, not a strip club."

I don't see why we can't have both at once.
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Not to be unfair or anything, but Holy Christ! What assholes! Nasty old fartheads.
While the crowds' reaction was clearly disrespectful, so was the bishop's choice of speaking in a language that most people in the room didn't understand when he actually had the choice, as he appeared to speak perfectly fine English.

I think that Boo-ing somebody who did not make the conscious choice of speaking in a language not commonly understood but had no other choice would have been a different matter altogether.

And apparently Melancholy Korean realizes that his wit is limited so we may ignore his comments and keep hearing thoughtful arguments from both sides.

No, what would have been disrespectful to the crowd, would have been if the guy on stage had answered back in Spanish*.

Of course the onstage guy was going to paraphrase in English for the benefit of the crowd before answering, that's what happens every other time language barriers occur in a Q&A.

If a speaker chooses to best express his question in his own language, for benefit of clarity and the purposes of receiving the best answer to his question, then surely it's within the realms of politeness to let him do so. Just give him a moment, and then all will be clear a moment later.

*Or Chinese, just to be a complete dick.
by Anonymous arkizzle, at October 13, 2009 2:57 PM


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