Thursday, November 25, 2004

"I'm thankful for this food," says me, "and for the Indians who taught us to grow turkeys by plantin fish in the soil."
"True," says Giblets. "The life cycle of the agrarian turkey plant was a veritable Gordian Knot which only native ingenuity could unravel."
"What are you thankful for, Giblets?" says me.
"Giblets is thankful for this food," says Giblets, "which is a testament to the dominance of our hunter-warrior spirits over the contents of our local supermarket."
"I'm thankful for pigs," says me, "and the concept of pigs. I feel pigs and their contributions have gone largely unappreciated in our culture."
"Giblets is thankful for Coke," says Giblets. "Giblets didn't choose you, Coke. Coke chose Giblets."
"I'm thankful for the robots," says me, "an for not knowin about the robots."
"Giblets is thankful for freedom," says Giblets, "and the memory of freedom. It was a delicious beverage."
"I'm thankful for the moon," says me. "It'll take us a while to ruin the moon."
"Giblets is thankful for an unspoiled moon to ruin," says Giblets.
"I'm thankful for the future," says me, "an the possibility that it will not be the present."
"The future will be Fafnir's and Giblets's!" says Giblets. "Unless the robots get there first."
"We will have to run faster," says me.
"Agreed," says Giblets, and we begin.


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