Sunday, July 11, 2004

So me an Giblets an the bowl of frosted flakes an bananas are stuck sittin on top of the dryer talkin.

"Harrumph," says Giblets.
"Think Chris'll be mad?" says me.
"Why should he be?" says Giblets. "Not our fault the basement flooded. It's God's. He knew what was gonna happen when we put all those marbles in the washin machine an he didnt do squat."
"That's very true," says me. "Foreknowledge is fore-responsibility. For shame, God."
"I don't think Chris will believe it," says Giblets. "Chris does not believe in God."
"I don't understand why," says me. "There is plenty of anecdotal evidence like the Jesus tortilla."
"Does God really look like Jesus or does God really look like the tortilla?" says Giblets.
"The Catholic Church has informed me in numerous paintins that God is a really big ol man in the sky with a beard," says me.
"That is absurd," says Giblets. "Everyone knows that God is a really big ol rabbit in the sky with a beard."
"Very true," says me. "There is plenty of anecdotal evidence."
"We must attend to survival," says Giblets. "One of us must be eaten so the rest of us can survive."
"Oh no!" says me. "Cannibalism!"
"It is tough but all in the name of survival," says Giblets."Now I think we should set up a fair an equitable system for this. The person who is most made of milk and sugared cereal should be eaten first by the other two."
"Wait a minute Giblets!" says me grabbin protectively at the bowl of frosted flakes an bananas. "I see what you are up to! This is another cynical ploy to eat one of my friends who happens to be made of food!"
"All I am tryin to do is y'know make sure we do not all starve," says Giblets, "an that the ones of us who do not starve do not have to eat soggy cereal. But if you like we will draw straws which will be more fair."
"All right I will agree to that," says me.
"The one who picks the short straw will get eaten," says Giblets. "You an me will pick the long straws first."
"Okay," says me. "Wait a minute Giblets! I see what you are up to!"
"Harrumph," says Giblets. An the great river of life washes on through our lives an through our basement.

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