Sunday, June 6, 2004

"Ready to fight the Germans Giblets," I says to Giblets.
"Oh you better believe it," says Giblets.
"Oh those Germans better get ready for Fafnir and Giblets," I says.
"For ol Faf and Gibs of the 171st armored balloon division," says Giblets.
"And a proud balloon she is," I says.
"The Germans won't know she is coming," says Giblets.
"Unless they look up above the horizon," I says.
"Which seems unlikely because how often do Germans do that," says Giblets.
"Once a month to coincide with the full moon, or during matin rituals, I read," I says.
"A strange people those Germans," says Giblets.
"Wait do those Germans have guns?" I says.
"Holy crap nobody said anythin about guns!" says Giblets.
"What are they doing with guns! They could hurt people or even pop our balloon!" I says.
"Run away!" says Giblets and we did.

We spent the rest of the war posin as cabaret singers in a French production of "No No Nanette." It ran for three years to terrific reviews!
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