Saturday, June 12, 2004

Well I am proud to bring all our thousands of loyal readers and Glofish afficionados an update regarding the status of Glofish™, the worlds first ever genetically modified pet fish that really glows, which as you know are currently banned in the increasinly dystopian state of California as a result of insidious anti-Glofish anti-freedom forces. We at Fafblog strive to bring you up-to-date up-to-the-moment news on the Glofish liberation movement as it happens. Are so-called libertarians Arthur Silber or Jim Henley bloggin this? Is Eugene Volokh crunchin Glofish law? And still not a peep out of native Californian and canned chicken magnate Calpundit! Fafblog is carryin this story all by ourselves here.

In the Virgin Islands Glofish are bein put on display at the aquarium in Coral World a theme park which is quickly makin a name for itself as one of the premiere Glofish-viewing venues of the western hemisphere. The response to the Glofish exhibit is described as "very positive" which is great news for glofish and therefore for the cause of human liberty in general but more than that, it could spark a new revolution in freedom - whole Gloquaiums full of glowing fish with Glosharks™ and Gloctopi™ and Glolphin™ shows! The forces of evil oppression will shake their heads and say "we do not like these delightful glowing fish for they fill the people with hope and freedom!" and they will try like anything to stop us from building our vast glowing aquariums because they know that as John Stuart Mill said more glowing animals means more civil liberties.

We must fight back and claim our glowing GM pet rights which is why you should write this letter to your senator or congressman today! Do not change the words your words will not be as good.

Dear Senator and/or Congressperson:

Hi how's things, things are fine. Except with Glofish! For one thing they are banned in California can you believe that? I believe Senator or Congressperson that Californians should be able to enjoy Glofish just as much as those wealthy and rich lobbyists in the halls of power do. The right to a Glofish is an inalienable right for all people in the world.

Also I think we should have government-funded Gloquariums in every state to further freedom. Glofish are cheap and easy to take care of Senator or Congressperson, I got mine at the store for like three for ten bucks! With a billion dollars you could buy a lot of Glofish and put them in big tanks all over the country. I also think we should have a National Gloquarium of Congress which will have every type of Glofish in the world so all the children in America can visit it and be inspired by great concepts such as justice liberty and glofish. If we do not have our glofish what else do we have? Nothng that is what Senator or Congressperson. I am a single issue voter an will be notin your response.
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