Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So last Saturday I went down to sit and enjoy my beautiful Glofish (for those who do not know, Glofish are fantastical genetically-modified glowing fish that ACTUALLY GLOW). We have been having problems with algae in the past in the tank but we got these scum sucker fish and everything was goin great with that except the water is still all weird and hazy and the fish were swimming lazily and oddly bumping into each other. "What should I do Mr Book?" I ask Mr Book. "Well you see Fafnir IIIIII... look over there!" says Mr Book and he jumped out the window and ran away. "What should I do Television?" I ask Television. "Buy this beer!" says Television. "And this car and these pills and this beef and this woman!" "I dunno if I feel like beef Television," I says. "You must buy beef Fafnir or else you will explode!" says Television. "Oh no I do not want to explode!" I says.

But when I get back from the store with the beer and the pills and the beef and the woman something horrible had happened. One of our sucker fish was dead. At first I thought it was sleeping, and then I just thought it was being lazy, and then I spent a half hour yelling at it "Lazy sucker fish, why won't you suck more that is what you are for, for sucking!" When I realized what had happened I felt so guilty. I am sorry for yelling at your corpse sucker fish I didn't understand!

We buried the sucker fish at sunset. We did not have enough trumpets to play "Reverie" so Giblets played one of the demos on his old Yamaha which I think the sucker fish would have liked.

"He was ugly," says Giblets. "He was faithful and loyal and true!" says me, upset. "He was still real ugly," says Giblets. "He was beautiful and loyal and heartfelt and ugly and true!" I says.

I would like to have a moment of silence now for my sadly departed fish.

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