Thursday, December 11, 2003

A revolution is starting my freinds. A revolution to take back our country. To take back our country for GloFish.

Like I said before, the delightful glow in the dark fish known as GloFish are bein oppressed in this country on account of not being sold in fine pet stores. Their oppressors are the evil California Fish and Game Commission, who are all "grrr we don want GloFish cause they're too cool for us and we're big and mean and stupid!" Boooo, California Fish and Game Commission! Boooo, oppression!

But now GloFish oppression awareness is spreading, like in this editorial in the Alameda Times-Star decrying the GloFish ban, and in the Food and Drug Administration, which in a Reuters article has been quoted as sayin sees "no need to regulate the red fluorescent creatures."

Well how bout them apples, California Fish and Game Commission? With powerful allies like the Food and Drug Administration and the Alameda Times-Star on our side, the Free GloFish Movement cant lose! PS there is a Free GloFish Movement now. I am in it! So are you. Congratulatons, you! You are a part of the solution, hooray!

I hope to make the Free GloFish Movement a big internet-savvy web campaign similar to "" and "Feed Mr. T."

You can start out by Contacting Your Congressman Today! Here is a suggested sample email. Feel free to alter it according to your own thoughts and feelings but remember that your thoughts and feelings will be NOT AS GOOD AS FAFNIR'S AND WILL THUS JEOPARDIZE THE MOVEMENT!

Dear Senator or Congressman,

Hi, how's things, things are fine. Except in California where the California Fish and Game Commission are trying to stop us all from buying GloFish! Where is the Justice, Senator or Congressman? Where is the love? The love is in the GloFish - and the GloFish has been banned. Love has been banned, Senator or Congressman. Banned by the California Fish and Game Commission.

Can democracy continue to exist if there are no GloFish in California? The answer is a resounding "no." I urge you to use your vast Senatorial or Congressional powers to save the GloFish and thus the nation before it is too late. I am a single-issue voter and will be notin your response.

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