Monday, March 8, 2010

"Maybe we can outsmart global warming with gumption and can-do and thousands of tiny robots!" says me.
"Maybe all we need is a simple technological solution, like installing blinds on the sky or an off switch for the sun," says Giblets.
"Maybe we could flip the continents over when they get hot in the summertime," says me. "I bet they're nice and cool on the other side."
"Maybe if the oceans start rising we can get a coupla guys to stand on either end with a pair of buckets so they can start bailing if it gets too deep," says Giblets.
"Well obviously that depends," says me. "Are these solar-powered buckets?"
"One solar, and one powered by safe clean nuclear energy," says Giblets.
"What an exciting time for science!" says me.


posted by fafnir at 6:46 PM

Gumption and can-do and thousands of tiny robots -- and faith. Don't forget faith.
by Anonymous Cervantes, at March 08, 2010 9:41 PM
Check out, Innovating to zero! By Bill Gates On

Apparently there is a type of safe nuclear reactor that burns waster from the current ones with no waste output.

Is that waste or water?

Because I'd like to see someone burn water.
by Anonymous tarjj, at March 09, 2010 6:40 AM
If I was a big-name blogger, I'd get spam in English too, instead of the same old Russian junk on the exact same post four times a week.
I don't know why nobody's thought of it before: couldn't we just leave the doors and windows open when we run our air conditioners?
We could turn ourselves into enviro-friendly fuel. That would be the best thing to do.
No no no!! Global warming is a good thing!! Because we just had a snowstorm in my town. Therefore, obviously, we need to warm up the entire globe so that my town can be more comfortable. Also, pies will bake in half the time. When the warming starts to get uncomfortable we will just ask the scientists nicely to start worrying about global cooling, and then the temperature will go back down. Scientists are this planet's thermostat!
warming? HA! it was really cold here the other day.
Faf, not to worry. Science will indeed save us all. Why, I hear they've even invented Mobius buckets! To go with the Mobius ocean, ya know.

Heck, Faf; I bet they're even Mobius scientists! Come on their Mobius way to save the day. We'll never know what hit us.
I thought we only experience too hot in our country. This El NiƱo damage millions of crops and other leafy foods. How horrible!
Rush Limbaugh is threatening to move to Costa Rica if health care passes, that would relocate a lot of hot air much closer to the equator, where it belongs. Hooray, we're saved! Maybe.


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