Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help save Gary Farber! He is like the internet's whooping crane - rare, majestic, and endangered due to habitat loss. Please click through and give whatever you can.
posted by fafnir at 8:37 AM

Strikes me that Gary Faber would make a good State Representative. And the job comes with good benefits too.
by Anonymous locust, at February 18, 2010 12:37 PM
Thank you, Fafnir. I was not aware of this blogger. I will see what I can do to help.
I like giving money away to the good recognized secular charities, like Mercy Corp and Doctors Without Borders and Native American Rights Foundation, and Defenders of Wildlife, etc. and the bloggers always let me know who they are. I'm good with that.

But also, the bloggers. It is so revolutionary, Fafnir; to give away money to people who just ask for it! People who are so wonderful and kind and brilliant on the blogs, and then have problems.

They have problems, Faf. How can we just ignore the bloggers who have problems? It would be wrong, Faf. I know it.

The bloggers who say; "My life is hell, Miep and Fafnir and everybody. And I do not like to complain, in fact it grates my innards endlessly to complain...but I'm really fucked here, Miep and Fafnir!"

And then...Miep and Fafnir, and many other wonderful unspoken people reply:

"No, you are not wrong to complain, Farber. In fact, we're glad you complained; about the brain worms and gastrointestinal IED's and all of that other terrible stuff, including the parts of it that threaten to eat your feet. The feet must be preserved, Farber!"

And is good. It is good, Fafnir; because it is about the healing. We all needs us some healing, Fafnir!

It is good. No matter how bad the rest of it is, this is still good, Faf.

The healing will never die.

Even when the walrus eats it. We know, Fafnir; about the walrus. It's always there. The Walrus in the living room.

Always schlumping around.

Looking at you funny.

But meanwhile, there are all the stars looking up at us out of the gutter, Faf! OH ho; silly gutter! Silly gutter; get out of my pants!

I love to help but I have nothing to give to.
I would love to help but he never helped me when I needed the jack for my car!
I am the walrus.
by Anonymous John, at March 05, 2010 4:02 PM


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