Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This week is the third anniversary of a pretty big event - a twenty-first century milestone that changed America and the world forever. Some people supported it an thousands protested but everybody pretty much agrees nothin's the same now that it's here. That's why Fafblog is focusing this week on one of the defining political moments of our decade: the founding of Fafblog.

A lot's happened since that fateful spring afternoon when we brought a blog to life with some sewn-together monkey parts in a thunderstorm. Today of course Fafblog is read by billions a senators an popes, wrestles an alligator on CSPAN every day an gets injected into dairy cows to build strong bones an shiny teeth! We brought Howard Dean to life with a magic top hat an sent over that bald stripper for the White House's birthday party an who could forget the day we teamed up with Powerline an all the little blogs down in Whoville to kill Saddam Hussein with Dan Rather's typewriter an save Christmas forever! In the future Fafblog will be beamed one billion posts at a time into a tiny bar code tattooed onto the inside of your brain as part of the new and terrifying world order of the evil robo-apes and our billions of fans will still love every minute of it. But will we have Gone Too Far? No! Cause deep down inside no matter how much money an fame an gold-plated brains we get we're still doin it all the kids. Viva us! Viva Fafblog!
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