Monday, February 27, 2006

"Okay, first things first," says me. "As chairman of the island inventory subcommittee I move that we check on our supplies."
"Motion seconded," says Giblets. "One desert island, check!"
"One palm tree, check!" says me.
"One coconut, check!" says Giblets.
"Well that's everything," says me. "Any new business?"
Giblets raises his hand. "As chairman of the survival subcommittee Giblets moves that we eat the coconut," says Giblets.
"Now Giblets we been over this before," says me. "As chairman of the entertainment subcommittee the coconut's made a lotta worthwhile contributions."
"The coconut has been useless!" says Giblets. "Its entertainment initiatives have been poor to middling at best. Sand checkers was a vast disappointment, sand hockey was a disaster, and the sand television project was distinctly underwhelming!"
"The coconut also found us that book," says me. "And books can take us on journeys of the imagination!"
"That book was Principles of Macroeconomics, and its journey of the imagination was boring and lame!" says Giblets.
"I'm Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke," says Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, "and together we can travel to the magical world of aggregate choice!"
"Yknow Giblets its real easy to criticize but it’s not so easy to do somethin about it," says me. "What would you do to improve on the entertainment record of the coconut administration?"
"Well for starters we could eat the coconut," says Giblets. "Then we could juggle the two halves of the empty coconut."
"Well that's just ridiculous," says me. "The coconut is the only one of us who even knows how to juggle."
"Giblets finds the coconut's claims on the juggling issue highly suspect," says Giblets. "Giblets says we put coconut-eating to a vote!"
"Well alright then," says me. The vote goes one for and one against. The coconut abstains.
"Stupid coconut!" says Giblets. "It's never on Giblets's side!"
Giblets sighs and chews on the palm tree. The coconut just sits there.
"So what kinda hallucinatory food are you seein right now?" says me.
"Right now you appear to be an amiable talking ham," says Giblets.
"You look like several cans of vegetarian chili sorta stacked in the shape of you," says me.
"See that doesn't really work as well," says Giblets.
"Yeah I know," says me.


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