Thursday, February 23, 2006

As part of our ongoing mission to bring the best possible product to you the consumer, we here at Fafblog have spent the last several months poor, sick, and uninsured. Why? So that when we eventually write about it (“Single Payer Health Care Pie,” March 14; “Can’t Afford the Internet Pie” March 21; “Homeless and Destitute Pie,” April 23) we will have conducted the exhaustive research that our loyal readers demand.

So all this week we’ll be beggin our readers for money. Our initial goal is ten billion dollars, which should be just enough to pay for Little Jimmy’s new set a crutches an his organ transplant. You don’t wanna hurt Little Jimmy, do you, readers? He has to get up every mornin with his impoverished dust bowl era family an drag his iron lung down to the farm to pick bandwidth for the blog. You don’t have to donate to Little Jimmy, but if you don’t it means you have no soul.

This is also your chance to support the unique kinda programmin you only find on Fafblog, like our award-winning historical drama Muskets of the Civil War or our heartland travelogue series Travels With Giblets! Call now and support Fafblog with a pledge of ten dollars or more and you’ll get this free picture of a complimentary tote bag! If you are not donating please do not download the tote bag. It is an honor system tote bag.

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