Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If there's one thing that bothers Giblets, it's liberals. But if there's two things that bother Giblets, it's liberals and killer bees - they're coming to eat us from below, people! But if there's three things that bother Giblets, it's liberals, killer bees, and the politicization of Martin Luther King Day. Martin Luther King Day is a time to remember Dr. King's ideas and accomplishments, specifically as embodied within a single social movement that ended decades before Giblets was born which could have no possible relevance to anything happening today.

So when Giblets hears people invoke Martin Luther King in the name of crazy left-wing causes like opposition to unchecked government power, it ignites the inferno of his righteous indignation! If Dr. King were alive today he would be the first to demand to be bugged by the NSA for his secret connections to al Qaeda. For how can any of us be "free at last" until we are free from the menace of unmonitored phone lines! Right now millions of Americans could be leaving terrorist voice mail, ordering dangerously jihadist take-out, having unprotected Islamofascist phone sex - all without the motherly protection of their local Pentagon-controlled spy agency. That's just the kind of dark future Martin Luther King wanted us to avoid - and Giblets has the top secret wiretap recordings of him to prove it!

Giblets has a dream too - a dream that all God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, can someday live under the omnipresent and unblinking eye of a permanent surveillance state which records their every move. Giblets may not get there with you - in fact Giblets is pretty sure he won't, since he's white and Republican - but at least we can start with the Arabs. They're deadly and swarming, people! Swarming like the killer bees!


posted by Giblets at 12:11 PM



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