Thursday, October 20, 2005

So it's nine o'clock an I'm sittin on a bench waitin for the bus like I do an there's a frog sittin next to me an the bus is pretty late an we been waitin here a while an on accounta the etiquette I figure I'll say hi to the frog. "Hey there frog," says me. "How's stuff." "Grererp," says the frog.

Fifty guys in green hats jump outta the trees an go "that kid's dynamite!" an me an the frog are picked up an tossed in an off-broadway minimalist opera which runs for three hours to rave reviews. "Hey there frog," says me. "How's minimalist opera." "Grererp," says the frog. "One two three four five six one two three four five six!" says the opera.

Around three o'clock we go see the movie version. It's a high concept buddy dramedy about a grizzled ex-cop an his cyborg monkey sidekick who're tryin to be good single parents to their Martian terrorist son on a true road journey to find the real meanin a the American Way. At three-thirty it is spun off into three sequels an a prime-time NBC sitcom starring Ernest Borgnine an the creepy goat puppet from Mr. Rogers. "Grererp," says the frog. He's startin to get to me.

At four me an the frog get into a fight over our latest project. "Grererp," says the frog. "No no that is all wrong," says me. "I'm startin to think you don't understand the frog/not-frog dynamic at all." "Grererp," says the frog. At four-fifteen we break up the group on accounta creative differences.

I'm back home at five o'clock after spendin all my residuals on high risk Plinko investments. "Hey Giblets," says me. "Ennngggghhnnn," says Giblets from a bowl of duck pudding. "Where have you been, Giblets is dying of duck poisoning!" It's the simple things that bring us back to home.


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