Friday, October 21, 2005

Once upon a time Zeus decided to hold a contest of animals with amazin feats a strength. The animal who won the contest would win a special prize. "Who will be the mightiest and the strongest and the fastest!" said Zeus. "Bring them before me that I may test them against each other!"

So the word spread all over the land about the contest of animals an sages an wisefolk an strange kings a foreign lands traveled from all over the world to come an watch. None a the animals showed up. They couldn't speak Greek.

Some a the sages an wisefolk grabbed a pair a tortoises outta the woods on accounta they were the only animals anybody could catch. "Behold the feats of tortoise!" said Zeus. "Who will win their race!" The race took a while - tortoises are pretty slow - an the sages an wisefolk started to nod off. When they woke up the tortoises were off eatin leaves someplace. Everybody started to fight an argue over which tortoise won. Finally the wisest wisefolk of all decided, "We shall take it to Zeus - he will settle it once and for all."

Nobody could find Zeus. Zeus was hangin out at a cockfight in Tijuana. "Go chicken, go chicken, go chicken!" shouted Zeus.

The Moral Of Our Story: Man, what's wrong with Zeus?


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