Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Every day Giblets sees more and more signs of a fatally stupid universe which stubbornly refuses to obey his commands. This North Korea agreement, for instance - it is the stuff of fools! You can never get North Korea to give up its nukes just by giving them food and aid and promising not to blow them up - not when they can just cut out the middleman and eat the nukes themselves! Soon we will be overwhelmed with millions of giant radioactive mutant communists from beyond the 38th parallel, and all because no one listened to Giblets!

The only certain solution - or at least the only FUN solution - is regime change, especially the kind that blows stuff up. Giblets figures we could stomp North Korea with a couple hundred thousand troops from America's elite Imaginary Brigade and still have at least half a million left over to reinforce the occupation in Iraq! But no, Pyongyang will go unsploded and Giblets ignored because George Bush is a giant pussy. Well don't come crying to me when fire-breathing Kim Jong Ils are rampaging through downtown Tokyo.
posted by Giblets at 9:44 AM



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