Sunday, September 11, 2005

"The car is out of control!" says me.
"The car is going to crash!" says Giblets.
"Crash verrrrry gradually!" says me.
"Right here in the parking lot!" says Giblets.
"Most accidents happen in the parking lot," says me.
"One every six minutes," says Giblets.
"Eighty-seven thousand a year," says me.
"It is the great gray death trap!" says Giblets.
"The ancient Mayans called the parking lot 'the asphalt dragon' and respected its power and might," says me.
"Their legends tell of two brothers from the sky," says Giblets.
"One of them was kind and good and loved the earth," says me.
"And the other was a parking lot," says Giblets.
"And that man grew up to be Abe Fortas," says me.
"Hell of a judge, ol Abe Fortas," says Giblets.
"I bet he could get us outta this car," says me.
"This crashing car!" says Giblets.
"This slowly crashing car!" says me.
"There is no way to stop it!" says Giblets.
"I think it's stopped right now!" says me.
"Which is why we can't control it!" says Giblets.
"Which means it is out of control!" says me.
"Which means it is going to crash!" says Giblets.
"Oh the suspense!" says me.

Tune in next week for yet another TALE OF SUSPENSE!


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