Thursday, August 4, 2005

Once upon a time there was a Fafnir who was walkin through the woods when he came across the lion the ferocious an terrible king a the jungle. "Oh you stay away from me lion," said Fafnir, "cause I don't want you to eat me." "I will not harm you little Fafnir," said the lion, "but only if you remove the thorn from my paw which hurts so terribly." And so Fafnir removed the thorn and the lion was grateful.

The next week Fafnir was captured by the Romans an thrown into a lion pit an who should be in the lion pit but the very same lion, what a coincidence! "Oh lion you keep away, you said you would not eat me," said Fafnir. "I will not harm you this time either little Fafnir," said the lion, "if only you will help spread this antifungal cream on my toes, I have some kind of infection now." And so Fafnir helped spread the antifungal cream which was very gross.

Tuesday Fafnir came across the lion on his living room couch. "Hey," said the lion. "How'd you get in here?" said Fafnir. "Oh, I found the key under the mat," said the lion. "And I will not harm you if only you make another trip to the store, we're totally outta nachos." And so Fafnir called Animal Control an the lion was shot with tranquilizer darts an dragged away to the zoo.

The Moral of Our Story: Lions are annoying.


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