Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Well Giblets got stuck riding the bus again today, which means Giblets got stuck with the cancer people. "Ohhhhh the cancer," say the cancer people. "Ohhhh the pain." Giblets just has one question for the cancer people: are you dying of cancer, or are you living in sin! If Giblets has said it once, he's said it a hundred times: cancer drugs cause promiscuity. When people get cancer they die, and when people die they can't have sex. If you treat people with cancer they might not die, which means they will have more sex, even sex with girls, which as Paul's Epistle to the Bullshintians points out just spreads the Cooties Of Transgression! Do you realize even minors can get treated for cancer these days? Oh, the horror, oh the disgrace of a fallen society, determined to turn our children into little cancer sluts! "Who can save them Giblets," you say. Only Giblets can - but only if he chooses to. By running for President. DONATE TO THE GIBLETS FOR PRESIDENT FUND! DONATE TO THE GIBLETS FOR PRESIDENT FUND NOOOOOOOW!

UPDATE!UPDATE/COW! Gary Farber has more here with useless luxuries like "accuracy." Giblets has no time for this, he flows in the electric consciousness! Also, a picture of a mighty cow. Do not test it! You are unprepared for its mightiness.
posted by Giblets at 3:22 PM



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