Thursday, August 11, 2005

"Beep beep," says the bin Laden detector. "B-beep. Beep."
"Be very quiet," says Giblets. "The bin Laden detector says we are getting close."
"I'm startin to feel kinda skeptical about the bin Laden detector," says me.
"You talk crazy talk," says Giblets.
"B-b-beep!" says the bin Laden detector. "Beep beep! B-b-beep!"
"Yes, victory!" says Giblets pullin up an old coke can outta the sand. "The beast is captured! The long hunt is over! Triumph, Giblets, etc."
"I dunno," says me. "In the pictures he looks bigger an more bearded an less recyclable."
"That's because he's a master of disguise," says Giblets. "After a couple hours in some 'stress positions' this coke can of hate will tell Giblets everything!"
"Oh look," says me. "A buffalo nickel!"
"B-b-beep," says the bin Laden detector. "Beep. B-b-beeeeep."


posted by fafnir at 3:58 PM



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