Tuesday, July 26, 2005

This is the duck post. This is a post about a duck.

"What is the significance of the duck? Should I be angry at the duck? Should I be sad? Should I be filled with an inscrutably duckish ennui?"

Well I guess you could be any a those things but really the duck is just a duck. I guess it means whatever ducks mean.

"What do ducks mean? I require more duck background to reach a conclusion."

For thousands of years man has known the untamed duck. Prehistoric man hid in his caves from the savage predator ducks. The duck was first introduced to the West by Marco Polo after visiting the empire of the great khan, where it was known as du kho, or "tiny emperor." Alchemists prized the duck for its aphrodisiac properties. St. Islo of Easterly was martyred in battle with the Great Duck of Norfolk which was either the size of Norfolk or the size of a duck, it is very hard to tell.

"This isn't really helping me understand the duck. Maybe if you wrote a few helpful labels on the duck I could figure it out."

Please don't write on the duck! That'll scare the duck.

The other day I saw a duck a lot like this duck an I went up to it an I said "What's up duck" an felt pretty good cause I never got the chance to say that to an actual duck before. The duck just looked at me an flew away.

"Is this duck about me? Is it laughing at me? It is an unknown duck. I'm scared of it."

Let the duck be the duck.
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