Thursday, July 14, 2005

Castle Giblets is under siege! Raise the bridges, boil the oil, ionize the destructo-beams! The enemy will be crushed like delicious grapefruit. None defy Giblets and live to tell the tale!

Yes yes, that oil is coming along nicely, keep it up! Man those cannons! Get ready! Any second now the insolent fools will be within range and be destroyed by the waiting horde of Giblets! Yes. Annnny second now.

"The enemy just called," says Fafnir. "They can't make it."
"But! Gah! But it is a seige!" says Giblets. "Giblets cannot repel a seige if no one beseiges him!"
"They said they hadda clean their room," says Fafnir.
"But the! Bhaheh! But the oil!" says Giblets. "It's all boiled! What's Giblets supposed to do with a thousand pots of boiled oil!"
"Hey, I know!" says Fafnir. "We can use it to fill the potholes in fronta the children's hospital! It'll be like repelling a siege of disadvantagedness."
"That is the lamest siege ever!" says Giblets.

Giblets is dissatisfied.


posted by Giblets at 12:05 PM



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