Wednesday, July 6, 2005

  • Judith Miller goes to jail! Serves her right for not writing a disgraceful hack piece for the White House. Stick to what you know, Judy! And yet Giblets feels that justice will not be done while the true culprit walks free: Ambassador Joe Wilson. If he hadn't blabbed in the New York Times we wouldn't be having this First Amendment Crisis.
  • Aid to Africa, shmaid to Shmafrica. If you give debt relief to third world countries they'll just blow it all on food and medicine.
  • Know what's even better than the death penalty? The death penalty without the appeals process! Now if we could just get rid of these boring old "trials," then we'd be gettin' somewhere.
  • Now Giblets gets to ignore the Olympics in England! This will be a vast improvement over ignoring the Olympics in Paris, which would involve ignoring the hated French.
  • posted by Giblets at 5:38 PM



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