Sunday, July 10, 2005

If last week's tragic bombings of the London tube system demonstrate anything, it's that the war on terror has been a staggering triumph. The righteous onslaught of new-painted schools and fresh-pressed police uniforms in Iraq has clearly driven the jihadists fleeing from the central front in the war on terror, scattering from the Middle East all the way to England, where they, in desperation, have resorted to attacking our allies at home.

Indeed, the West's war against Islamofascism is a victim of its own success: with the Iraqi insurgency in its last throes, America no longer has the opportunity to courageously distract its enemies with Iraq's broken and bloody corpse. The only option is to stay on the offense, fighting the terrorists even more abroad so we don't have to face them even more at home - by invading even more countries.

The Medium Lobster suggests a decisive attack on jihadist hot spots like Iran and Canada, prompting terrorists throughout the West to drop their plans, pack up their car bombs and sleeper cells, and rush to attack American troops abroad - just like we want them to. These new wars, undoubtedly attracting waves of Islamofascist resistance, will simultaneously occupy the Islamist Enemy while conveniently bottling up them up, allowing the forces of freedom to leisurely wipe them out.

How many countries should America turn into Central Fronts In The War On Terror? The more the better, since the more countries America invades, the more terrorists are diverted from assaulting its freedom. Ths means, naturally, that the only way to truly secure the homeland is to declare war on everything around it - but sadly, until the United States has the steely resolve to commit itself to liberating humanity, America will always remain at risk.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 11:27 AM



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