Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Giblets's wrath knows no bounds, and it is time it was released - in bowl form! Yes, to the bowls of wrath! It is time for them to be poured out upon the earth, emptying Giblets's vast and mighty storehouses of unquenchable rage! Now will come the plagues and the horrors and the bugs and the dampness and the squooshing squooshing worms! Let all who have defied the will of Giblets lament too late, for their day is at hand!

Yep. Annnnny second now. Those bowls o' wrath. Should be gettin' here. Maybe after lunch. Or so.

"Where are Giblets's bowls of wrath!" says Giblets. "The monkey was to make them days ago!"
"Monkey's sick," says Fafnir. "I gave im the week off."
"Bhaheh!" says Giblets. "The monkey is Giblets's slave! There's no sick days in slavery!"
"I sent im home with some orange juice soup," says Fafnir. "Have some, it's mmm-mmm nutricious."
"What of the elephant!" says Giblets. "The Man-Pig! The triple-crested bird-beast of Xunthu!"
"He's tired, he's visitin his mom, and he's mythical," says Fafnir.
"Giblets gave no one permission to be mythical!" says Giblets. "And this soup sucks! It tastes like sucking!"
"I added a touch a salsa," says Fafnir. "For that south a the border zing."

Who puts salsa in orange juice soup! Giblets is dissatisfied.


posted by Giblets at 3:43 PM



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