Tuesday, June 14, 2005

So we're stoppin by Chris's office to experience Our World of Work an watch Chris get mauled by a dog.

"For shame Chris," says me. "Where is your American Work Ethic."
"Yes you are supposed to be working!" says Giblets. "Make spreadsheets for Giblets. Make spreadsheets for Giblets NOOOOOW!"
"Now don't blame the dog Chris," says me. "The dog's just doin its job."
"Its job as vice-president of mauling," says Giblets. "That dog's a real go-getter!"
"See you coulda had the dog's job if you just had some more initative Chris," says me.
"But the dog wanted it more!" says Giblets. "Chris doesn't have what it takes to compete in the new dog economy!"
"His cheaper Indian counterpart has to eat six colleagues a day while fightin off the hellhounds of Kali, merciless goddess of chaos," says me.
"By the end of his shift he is disassembled and re-sold to China to work in the dragon pits for six cents a day," says Giblets.
"All on accounta the miracle of our flattened global trade," says me.
"Giblets's coffee was manufactured in Sri Lanka in a Pizza Hut over the internet by the void-slaves of Yothmagog the Unnamable One... for half the cost!"
"Giblets you have blown my mind!" says me. "But is there any hope for Chris in the new globalmafied age."
"Forget him, he is useless like the buffalo!" says Giblets. "He will be replaced by newer pluckier robots whose cheap scrappy labor will lower the price of plastic doodads for all!"
"And with those plastic doodads we will build our new world," says me. "Our World of Work!"
"Mush!" says Giblets to the dog. "Mush!"
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