Thursday, May 19, 2005

Like all Space Terrorists, Abu Ming is merciless.So the Air Force wants to start building space weapons. Well good for them! It's damn time somebody did something about space... and the gathering menace that lurks within its spacey void. "Oh Giblets but what in space could ever hurt us" you say stuffing your flower-painted face with whole patchouli bushes. Oh you disgust Giblets! But Giblets will tell you: Space Terror.

Space: Not nearly this much fun. Oh there are people who will tell you we have nothing to fear from space (hereafter to be known as "stupid people"), but they haven't seen the alien face of the terrorist threat: Moon Islamists, Martian Wahhabists, Islamofascists from beyond the Eighth Dimension - all fighting to destroy Giblets's way of orbital life in the name of the mad computer Robo-Allah!

Giblets knows, and Giblets has been there, commanding the troops at the front lines, as the relentless advance of deadly space foes, moving down and to the right, down and to the left, one after the other, one after the other, never stopping, never ceasing, each destroyed enemy replaced with a lighter, faster, more deadly enemy yielding a higher bonus, the defenses crumbling, the nightmares neverending, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!

So much more holy in space.Such is the War against Space Terror.1 And Giblets is gonna be DAMNED if he lets the Space Jihadists blow up our Moon Freedom without throwin' every space weapon there is at 'em! So hurry up, Air Force, and bring Giblets his multibillion dollar space weapons before the enemy finds the classified location of AstroJesus - for he who controls the AstroJesus controls the universe.

Now for the military to finally aid Giblets in his struggle against Leprechaun Terror! Our Islamist Enemy is always after Giblets's lucky charms.

1. Or, as it is affectionately known, World War Six.


posted by Giblets at 1:00 PM



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