Friday, April 29, 2005

The Medium Lobster is only mildly pleased to see the House pass a new bill making it a federal crime for non-parents to transport minors across state lines to get an abortion. The law is certainly a step in the right direction; up until now, parental notification laws only served to hand control of a minor's reproductive system over to her parents. The new House bill, however, moves towards finally putting America's wombs back where they belong: in the gentle care of the federal government.

And yet the nation's valuable uterus supply still isn't secure under this latest law. Yes, America will now be able to reign in some of the worst embryo smugglers in the nation, but the onus for bringing them to justice still lies with the parents of the wombs in question. What is the nation to do with those irresponsible parents who allow this fetucide to take place? Who will hold them accountable for their role in tampering with America's fetus factories?

Uteruses are a vital, limited public resource which must be properly monitored and regulated on a federal level, like television and libraries. What's needed is not parental notification, or even federal enforcement of parental notification, but Congressional notification. Any woman seeking an abortion should have to petition the House and Senate for permission. Indeed, Congress should create a new cabinet-level Department of Wombs to oversee fetal production across the nation. Are our uteruses meeting the country's fetus needs or falling behind them? Where is production slackening, and why hasn't it been increased? Why has there been no effort to shut down wombs which produce offensive content, such as terrorists, traitors, and gay people? These are questions which cannot be addressed until Congress finds the courage to clear away the last vestiges of the corrupt, private monopoly on reproduction.
posted by the Medium Lobster at 12:42 PM



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