Saturday, April 30, 2005

Giblets's internet service provider lies in ruins, consumed by hellfire, smote by God as an abomination upon the earth!1 The corpses of the damned rise up to flee the tarnished ground and are smote again! The rats arrive to devour the corpses and tarnish themselves by touching damned soil and are likewise smote! The worms arrive and are smote with tiny worm-sized smitings! Bacteria show up; it's like smiting fish in a barrel. Somewhere some atrocity is happening God should probably be stopping but he can't, he is too busy smiting things over here! Nations fall, empires collapse, mountains crumble! Giblets meanwhile is forced to use the library. Foul, disgusting library! It cries out for smiting! Oh, the cycle of life.

1. Excellent work, God! You will receive an extra juicy biscuit for this! Good boy! Good boy God!
posted by Giblets at 2:29 AM



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