Thursday, April 7, 2005

I'm Fafnir today just like always, but just like always I am also the elk. Not just any elk, or your favorite elk, or the elk president. Today I am all of the elk. Today I roam the land in herds, thunderin across the grassy plains. But first I will have to find exact change.

"State Street please," I says to the driver when the bus opens up. It takes a while for me to get on board on accounta there's a whole lotta me. Some of me are too big to fit through the door, so I just gallop along the route while the rest of me reads the paper inside.

For lunch today I think I'll have some grasses an shrubs, or some pizza. I am watchful for predators and notice the bear at the local Starbucks but it is occupied with smaller prey and for the moment can be safely ignored. Tomorrow I will be an emu, or a squircle, or the Establishment Clause, or an elk, and won't be as worried about elk things. But today I am the elk, and I thunder across the grassy plains.
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