Friday, April 1, 2005

So me and Fafnir are at the Vatican visiting the Pope - visiting in triumph, for the Pope is nearly finished, and with him Giblets's ages-long anti-Pope rivalry!

"He looks so serene," says Fafnir.

Yes they are all serene in the end - it is part of the life cycle of Popes. But this too will pass, and then the chrysalis stage, and then the locusts. And then where will you be, Pope? Then where will you be!

"Then he will ascend into the stars, into Popevalla," says Fafnir. "Where the honored Popes go who die in battle."

Impossible! The Pope has not slain nearly enough orcs. No, the Pope is like all holy men, kings, and insectivores - dishonored by enmity with Giblets! Oh, there were glory days to be sure, back when me and the Pope fought atop the volcano, or the time we teamed up to stop the Martians. Heh, Giblets remembers this one time me and the Pope got totally wasted and turned everything in the house into the body of Christ. That was awesome! Or the time Giblets got him to venerate Pius XII as a practical joke. Good times, Pope. Good times.

Aw man. Giblets is gonna miss the Pope. Don't go, Pope! Don't go!


posted by Giblets at 12:42 PM



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