Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Oppression, foreign occupation, and military dictatorships get a bad rap. Oh, you hear a lot of people whining about how great freedom and democracy are, but how often do you hear people sticking up for the other side of the story, other than Jonah Goldberg? Well today Hezbollah took to the streets to proudly stand up for the right to continue getting stomped on by Syria and all Giblets has to say is well done! Giblets just wishes he could've been there to sing old standards like "Hey hey, ho ho, peaceful liberation has got to go" and "We Won't Overcome." Now that the pro-being-occupied movement is finally taking off, there might be some hope for some of its cousins, like the Society for Getting Punched in the Face and People for the Ethical Treatment of Cancer.
posted by Giblets at 4:23 PM



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