Sunday, March 20, 2005

There will be no newsbloggin today on accounta this is a cuttin-edge newsblog that only deals with cuttin-edge news an news never happens on a Sunday. There's only one newsworthy thing ever to happen on a Sunday an that's Easter or Fafday which is Fafnir's birthday an that got ruined a coupla thousand years ago when Jesus came back from the dead on it. We were just passin out the punch an the party hats an everythin when Jesus shows up from his tomb with the hosannas an the angel dudes an the big tomb rock.

"Hey Jesus," says me. "If you'd like to sit down we were just gonna have some cake."
"Behold blah blah blah," says Jesus. "Verily blah blah blah."
"You can put your rock over there by the other presents," says me.
"God blah blah blah. Lo blah blah blah."

An a course all the other people at the party are all "Oh it is a sign oh it is the savior" an they all start takin off to be saints an martyrs an popes an stuff an we haven't even got to the presents yet. The only one who stayed around was Giblets an that was just cause he was hungry for cake.

Well this year's gonna be different! This year I'm gonna get lotsa presents an cake for my birthday an none of em are gonna be a rock. All of everybody is invited to come to Fafday for the cake an the painted eggs an the mashmallow bunnies an such. Except for Jesus. Lousy stinkin Jesus.
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