Monday, March 14, 2005

August 17, 1939 – Tangier
I been runnin for a while now an I figure the coast's clear when I'm headin back to my hotel. I'll go upstairs, grab the jaguar statue, maybe get a bagel or a muffin from the lobby, then head on back to the airport an get outta here. I been in this city too long anyhow.
I'm steppin outta the room when I figure out I'm not alone. It's the moose, an he's found me.
"You've got a lot to learn about this city, Mr. Fafnir," says the moose. "This town, well, it's a moose town. And when you come at the moose, Mr. Fafnir, you'd better not miss."

September 20, 1961 – Belgrade
I'm at the bar mindin my business when the moose shows up. He sits next to me an orders his drink.
"I didn’t come here lookin for trouble," says me.
"Well maybe I did," says the moose.
I don't know what to say after that so I just keep starin on ahead. The moose coughs. I order a coke but they only have Pepsi which is kinda disappointin on accounta I never liked Pepsi. The moose starts whistlin an ol showtune but forgets how it goes. I get up sayin I gotta go to the bathroom but instead I just go home.

December 15, 1978 – Moscow
The moose has tied me to a bomb an he's gonna set it off, oh no!
"Mwa-hahahahaha!" says the moose.
"Oh you will never get away with this the moose," says me.
"Oh-hohohohoho!" says the moose.
"Oh you will certainly pay for your dastardly crimes," says me.
"Eh-hehehehehe!" says the moose.
Course the bomb doesn't go off an the moose gets real sad. "Christmas is ruined forever," says the moose. "Oh it's not that bad," says me. We decorate it up real nice an pretty soon it's the sweetest little Christmas tree in town.

April 24, 1996 – Newark
"Hey!" says me to the moose. "What're you doin in my house!"
The moose is just wakin up on the couch. There's chips an beer cans an pizza boxes all over the room. "Aw man," says the moose. "I didn't know you’d be gettin home so quick."
I start foldin my arms an tappin my foot like so.
"Dude, I kinda had to use your credit card a little," says the moose on his way to the bathroom, "but I can totally pay you back." Man am I sick a this moose.


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