Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ah, a beautiful Sunday afternoon - at least here in the Medium Lobster's plane of existence. How better to spend it than on the internet!

  • Mark Kleiman finds a few feeding tubes getting removed not to end the suffering of the persistently vegetative, but to end the medical costs of the persistently poor. While congressional Republicans and professional religious mouthpieces have yet to get involved, the Medium Lobster is certain they'll be materializing any minute now, placards and subpoenas in hand - right after they finish cutting the Medicaid programs keeping these people alive.
  • Laura Rozen calls our attention to a good news, bad news situation from the Washington Post. The bad news is that the Bush administration has been lying to its Asian allies, saying that North Korea sold nuclear materials to Libya. The good news is that North Korea didn't sell nuclear materials to Libya! The bad news is that Pakistan did. The good news is that Pakistan is a praiseworthy exemplar of democracy!
  • Gary Farber points out a rather pouty piece from John O'Farrell in The Guardian which laments once again England's lack of a national holiday. O'Farrell toys with, and Mr. Farber rightly embraces, the notion of making Guy Fawkes Day the national day of England. What better way to celebrate your government than by blowing off fireworks on the anniversery of the day someone tried to blow it up?
  • Also via Gary Farber, the Iraqi blog Riverbend has become the first blog to become a musical. This is no doubt a monumental breakthrough for the New Medium that will render the MSM limp, powerless, and depantsed.
  • While you're at Gary Farber's, stop at his tip jar. Like many others, Mr. Farber needs food to live.
  • Finally, Esther Wilberforce-Packard of Topic Drift has a host of items of the utmost importance and urgency to convey to all of you. I dare not summarize for fear of abuse through truncation.
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