Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Giblets is hungry," says Giblets. "What do we have to eat?"
"I have a desert island survival pack," says me. "But all it's got is the Bible, Shakespeare, my favorite album, and the historical personage of my choice."
"Is it Jesus or Lincoln?" says Giblets.
"Just Lincoln," says me. "But he's pretty fresh an comes with a spare hat."
"Useless! There's no meat on Lincoln!" says Giblets. "We could grill and eat Jesus for a week and he'd still be an awesome drunk at parties!"
"We should explore the rest a the island for resources," says me. "Like we should try checkin at the top a the palm tree."
"Giblets doesn't trust the palm tree," says Giblets. "It may conceal cannibal natives hungry for Fafnirs an Gibletses."
"We're gonna be livin on this island for a while Giblets," says me. "We should try to live in peace with our fellow inhabitants."
"Like the vicious coconut?" says Giblets. "It dropped from the sky an tried to crush us! There is only one law here, and it is the savage law of nature!"
"We can't judge every coconut by the behavior of that one," says me. "Besides there's plenty a room on the island for all of us."
"Cling to your crazy idealism but Giblets is a realist!" says Giblets. "We don't even know what's on the other side a the tree. There might be bugs or rocks or seagulls!"
"Oh, now who's bein crazy," says me. "There's no such thing as seagulls. You want a piece a Bible or some Shakespeare?"
"Gimme some Shakespeare," says Giblets. "Bible is too gamey."
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