Thursday, February 17, 2005

There's an explosion in the garage. We don't know how long it's been in there but we check on it once in a while. "Is it gettin any bigger?" says me. "Dunno," says Giblets. "I been feedin it but it I dunno if it likes this stuff." Giblets picks up an apple an tosses it in. The explosion fills the room with the crunchy-sweet aroma of fresh cider.

I invite the explosion in for tea. "So," says me. "What do you do. What are your prospects." The explosion spits sparks an carbon monoxide. "Giblets is bored," says Giblets. "Giblets show some respect for our guest," says me. I offer the explosion a cookie. It makes burnin noises. "Indeed," says me. The tea is delicious. "The tea is stupid!" says Giblets. Giblets is so negative.

I'm goin out to talk about pies at the pie symposium an I leave the explosion in charge a waterin the plants. "Giblets can take care a stuff by himself," says Giblets. "Giblets you are prejudiced against the explosion," says me. "All because it is different." "Yes," says Giblets. At the symposium I hear lots of excitin new developments in the field of pie that challenge my previous pie assumptions.

When I get back Giblets is sittin outside the house lookin angry. The house is all full of explosions. "Giblets has been thrown out of his house," says Giblets. "By your runaway combustion friend!" I didn't tell it it could invite other explosions over for some kinda explosion party. It's time to lay down the law! I march in there up to the big explosion in the livin room and tell him that as long as it's under my roof mister it's gonna live under my rules such as for instance. The explosion responds with bursts of smoke an hostile body language an I run out the door.

"Aw man," says me. "Now we gotta move again." "This makes the fifth time!" says Giblets. "It won't trick us next time," says me. "Next time we'll make sure it's a safe explosion before we give it tea and cookies." "Excellent," says Giblets. "And then we can sic it on these other explosions. Man are they gonna pay!"
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